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A Prayer for a New Year reposted

By December 31, 2019No Comments

Facing a new year always seems to be a good time to think about the previous year and what God wants for me in the next. I wrote this at the beginning of 2013 and reposted it in 2015. I’ve found that it helps me focus on what’s important to God rather than my idea of what the year should look like.

Instead of making resolutions which I can never keep, I am asking God to do some things in my life this year:

  • When I am selfish, give me your love and grace for others.
  • When I am prone to anger, remind me how much I need your mercy.
  • When I am tired, give me your strength to complete the things that really matter and the wisdom to let got go of everything else.
  • When I feel strong, show me that it is a mirage.
  • When I am discouraged, remind me that you have great purpose for my life.
  • When I am self-centered, draw me to worship Christ who gave himself as a sacrifice for us.
  • When I am unloving, infuse me with your love.
  • When I face obstacles, give me your wisdom.
  • When I waste time, remind me of the brevity of life.
  • When I feel alone, give me a sense of your presence.
  • When I am surrounded by people and projects, show me how to create time for you in solitude and silence.
  • When I become too busy to spend time in prayer and the Word, make me restless so that I come to you for peace.
  • When I am tempted, give me strength to resist.
  • When I sin, lead me to repentance by your love and mercy.
  • When I am afraid, help me trust that you are my refuge.
  • When I need provision, remind me that it comes from you, not my own resources.
  • When I am tempted to buy more stuff, remind me how rich I am and open my eyes and wallet to those who are truly needy.
  • When others hurt, give me tears for them.
  • When others rejoice over something I would like to experience, help me overcome envy and truly rejoice with them.
  • When I begin to worry, give me faith to trust you.
  • When my circumstances are difficult, give me joy in you and the belief that you are at work.
  • When relationships are hard, give me unconditional love.
  • When faced with conflict, give me wisdom to be a peacemaker and the heart to forgive.
  • When I am lost, guide me to your path.
  • Grow my faith, love, and hope this year. Move me closer to loving you with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to loving others as myself.

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