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A Personal Word about Women’s Ministry

By August 20, 2013September 1st, 20224 Comments

I asked Evelyn Babcock, one of the members of the Beyond Ordinary Women Ministries board, to share about the benefits she has experienced as she has participated in ministry for and by women. She was kind enough to share a list with us. 

evelynParticipating in women’s ministry has contributed tremendously to my walk with Christ. One of the most impactful aspects is the Bible study’s small groups. It is said that life-change occurs in community, and I have found that to be true in my life.

Personal interactions have been categorized as either marbles (round and hard, clean collisions without leaving an imprint) or grapes (round and squishy, bumping into each other resulting in transformation and blended juices). As a woman with marble-tendencies, I’m thankful for women’s ministry’s provision of an environment conducive to intentionally connecting in a grape-like, intimate manner.

Here are just a few of the blessings I’ve received from Bible study small groups:

– I personally find it much easier to be vulnerable in a women-only small group, possibly due to the fact that we all speak the same language.

– What a blessing to have a safe place to share our hearts – what is shared in small group, stays in small group.

– Not being responsible to fix others’ problems frees me to listen and practice loving one another through His enabling. Knowing the One who is sovereign, we support each other by taking concerns to the throne of grace. How grateful I am for women committed to praying for each other!

– Being single, never-married, and childless with my physical family over one-thousand miles away, community is very important to me. The small groups I’ve been a part of serve as my local family through their love, support, and speaking God’s truth into my life. I’ve been blessed with several long-standing friends from the women’s small groups.

– The Lord consistently uses our weekly sessions as a perspective check. My self-absorption is kept in check as group members share their life struggles.

In summary, it is a joy and encouragement to grow beyond ordinary along with women of various physical and spiritual life stages and ages.

If you have never experienced the benefits of participating in or offering a ministry specifically purposed to grow the women of your church, please consider doing so for the sake of your spiritual growth as a woman or for the influence that the women of your church can have in their spheres of influence.

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  • Gaye says:

    Thanks Evelyn for your thoughts. Our “new to us” church here in Atlanta is starting a new women’s ministry focus this fall and I sent this on to the leader for her sharing with the other leaders. Good thoughts, thanks for all you do to assist in this endeavor to build bridges between women!

    • Evelyn Babcock says:

      I loved my years in Atlanta, and am praying for your transition and the new women’s ministry! Thank you for sharing BOW (& my post) with the leaders. May you be richly blessed.

  • Dianne Miller says:

    You are “right on” and I whole heartedly agree with all you said, and you said it so well
    love Dianne Miller

    • Evelyn Babcock says:

      Thank you, Dianne, for the encouragement, and for your role with BOW. I am blessed by your friendship!

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