Growing More Christlike

BOW’s short, free conversational videos linked on this page are designed to help you live out your faith.

  • In 2018 prioritize the care of your soul. Dr. Gail Seidel shares tips for leaders that apply to all believers in a short 3-part collection.
  • Become part of the solution to the racial divide in the United States by watching the 3-part series Leading Toward Racial Reconciliation.
  • Fight Right? Is that an option? Watch the 3-part series with Oletha Barnett who shares her expertise and wisdom learned through many years of leading reconciliation ministries.

Fight Right

Understand the nature of conflict, God’s way through it, and how allowing for the differences of others helps avoid it.

–with Oletha Barnett

Fight Right Resource
Meet Oletha Barnett

Leading Toward Racial Reconciliation

Grow in understanding why there is a racial divide and what we can each do about it

–with Sharifa Stevens and Kelley Mathews

Resources on Racial Issues
Meet Sharifa Stevens   Meet Kelley Mathews